Non-Woven Fabrics Medical Non-Woven Nonwovens Wound Sticker

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Name: Meltblown Cloth
Main ingredients: polypropylene
Width: 17.5cm/6.89in
Length: 10m/393.70in, 20m/787.40in, 50m/1968.50in, 100m/3937.01in
Functions: heat insulation, heat preservation, insulation
Uses: can be used as the materials, oil-absorbing materials, sanitary materials such as rags, layers, etc.
Packing List(about):?Without core?

1 x Meltblown Cloth (10m/393.70in, 20m/787.40in, 50m/1968.50in, 100m/3937.01in for optional)


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